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Opel Mokka

Opel Mokka

Opel Mokka

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Opel Mokka X
Also calledVauxhall Mokka (Great Britain)
Buick Encore (North America and China)
Model years2013–present
AssemblyBupyeong, South Korea (GM Korea)
Shanghai, China (Shanghai GM)
Zaragoza, Spain[1]
Kaliningrad, Russia (Avtotor)
Minsk, Belarus (Unison)
DesignerCarsten Aengenheyster[2]
Body and chassis
ClassSubcompact crossover SUV
Body style5-door, 3-pillar, 2-box, SUV
LayoutTransverse front-engine, front-wheel drive / intelligent four-wheel-drive (AWD)
PlatformGM Gamma II platform
RelatedChevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Aveo/Sonic
Chevrolet Trax[3]
Engine1.4 L A14NET I4 (MPI turbo petrol)1.4 L B14XFT I4 (DI turbo petrol)1.6 L A16XER I4 (MPI petrol)1.8 L A18XER I4 (MPI petrol)1.6 L B16DTN I4 (diesel)1.6 L B16DTH I4 (turbo diesel)1.7 L A17DTS I4 (diesel)Replace engine code prefix A with B for Start/Stop technology.
Transmission5-speed manual6-speed manual6-speed GM 6T40 automatic
Wheelbase2,555 mm (100.6 in)
Length4,280 mm (168.5 in)
Width1,775 mm (69.9 in)
Height1,646 mm (64.8 in)
Kerb weight1,293 kg (2,851 lb) (2WD)
1,386 kg (3,056 lb) (4WD)

The Opel Mokka is a Crossover SUV engineered and built by German automotive marque Opel since 2012. Sales began with model year 2013 in late 2012.[4] The Mokka is now built in Bupyeong, South Korea and Zaragoza, Spain. In 2016 The Opel Mokka was renamed to the Mokka X. It is also sold under the Vauxhall brand in Great Britain, and as the Buick Encore in North America and in China. A variant of the Mokka/Encore vehicle having significantly different sheet metal and trim is marketed in North America as the Chevrolet Trax.[3]


Opel and Vauxhall Mokka

2013 Opel Mokka 1.4 ecoFLEX (Germany)


2016 Vauxhall Mokka 1.4 Exclusiv Turbo (United Kingdom)

In September 2007, What Car? produced computer generated images, which showed a Corsa C based SUV. However that model never made it into production.

The Mokka is positioned below the Antara and the Zafira Tourer in the Opel lineup, and is available in both front wheel and four wheel drive versions. The Mokka name derives from the small, round coffee beans of the Coffea Arabica variety.

The Mokka is based on GM's Gamma II platform. As introduced for model year 2013 the Mokka was offered with a choice of three engines: a 115 PS (85 kW; 113 bhp) 1.6 litre petrol, a 140 PS (103 kW; 138 bhp) 1.4 litre turbo petrol, and a 130 PS (96 kW; 128 hp) 1.7 litre diesel.[5][6] Other petrol and diesel engines were offered later, including a 152 PS (112 kW; 150 bhp) 1.4 litre direct injection turbo petrol engine with a controversial start/stop feature introduced for model year 2016.

The four wheel drive option is an intelligent AWD system that maintains 100% drive at the front wheels until the system detects slip, fast starts or tight cornering, in which case it can send up to 50% of torque to the rear wheels.[7]

Production and sales started in autumn of 2012. By February 2013, Opel had over 80,000 Mokka orders, and after two months 100,000 orders. By October 2014, over 300,000 Mokkas were ordered in Europe. In January 2016, Opel announced 500,000 firm orders for Mokka overall.[8]


Most engines are paired standard with the five speed (1.6 litre MPI petrol engine only) or six speed manual transmission, with Stop/Start technology beginning as early as model year 2014. A six speed automatic transmission having active select mode is optionally available for select petrol and diesel engines including the 1.4 litre MPI Turbo petrol and 1.7 litre CDTI diesel engines for both FWD and AWD models. Start/Stop technology on vehicles with automatic transmissions first appeared with the introduction of the new, more powerful (112 kW; 150 hp), B14XFT 1.4 litre direct injection (DI) VVT Turbo petrol engine for model year 2016 and was incorporated on other select petrol and diesel engines paired with automatic transmissions by model year 2018.

In the Russian market, a version with a 1.8 litre A18XER (Korean designation F18DA) petrol engine is available. The cars for the Russian market were assembled by Avtotor (Kaliningrad, Russia) and later by Unison (Minsk, Belarus) in 2015.[9]

In October 2014 for model year 2015 Opel introduced its all new "whisper diesel" 1.6 litre CDTI engine which replaced the 1.7 litre CDTI diesel.

The engine specifications in the following tables is from the 2013, 2015, and 2018 Opel Owner's Manuals.[10] [11][12]

Petrol engines
Model Engine Displacement Power Torque Engine ID Code CO2 emission (g/km) Years
1.4L VVT MPI TurboI41364 cc140 PS (103 kW; 138 hp) at 4900-6000 rpm200 N⋅m (148 lb⋅ft) at 1850-4900 rpmA14NET B14NET1532013–
1.4L VVT DI Turbo1399 cc152 PS (112 kW; 150 hp) at 4900-6000 rpm235 N⋅m (173 lb⋅ft) at 1850-4900 rpmB14XFT1552016–
1.6L VVT MPI1598 cc115 PS (85 kW; 113 hp) at 6200 rpm155 N⋅m (114 lb⋅ft) at 4000 rpmA16XER B16XER1392013-
1.8L VVT MPI1796 cc140 PS (103 kW; 138 hp) at 6200 rpm178 N⋅m (131 lb⋅ft) at 3800 rpmA18XER225 (FWD, MT5), 257 (AWD, AT6)2013-
Diesel engines
Model Engine Displacement Power Torque Engine ID Code CO2 emission (g/km) Years
1.6L CDTI ecoFLEXI41598 cc110 PS (81 kW; 108 hp) at 4000 rpm300 N⋅m (221 lb⋅ft) at 2000–2250 rpmB16DTN B16DTU114-1092015–
1.6L CDTI Turbo ecoFLEX1598 cc136 PS (100 kW; 134 hp) at 3500-4000 rpm320 N⋅m (236 lb⋅ft) at 2000–2250 rpmB16DTH109-1192015–
1.7L CDTI ecoFLEX1686 cc130 PS (96 kW; 128 hp) at 4000 rpm300 N⋅m (221 lb⋅ft) at 2000-2500 rpmA17DTS120-1292013–15

Engine code prefix B indicates Start/Stop technology. B14NET is also available for LPG.


In April 2016, Opel and Vauxhall unveiled an updated version of the Mokka for model year 2017, designated as the Mokka X, which went on sale in late 2016. The new Mokka X sports a facelift with sleeker headlights, restyled bumpers, new LED tail lights, and a revised interior with an all new dash, instrument cluster, and center stack. The more powerful optional 150 hp petrol engine was also introduced with the Mokka X.[13][14]

  • 2017 Mokka X
  • Opel Mokka X
  • Opel Mokka X
  • Vauxhall Mokka X
  • Facelifted interior

Buick Encore

The North American version of the Opel Mokka debuted as the 2013 Buick Encore at the 2012 North American International Auto Show[15] in Detroit on January 10, 2012 and went on sale in early 2013. The Encore, Buick's first small crossover SUV, its fourth SUV overall after the 2002 Rendezvous, 2004 Rainier, and 2008 Enclave, is available in front wheel drive (FWD) and all wheel drive (AWD) versions.[16]

The 2013 through 2015 Buick Encore was offered in Base, Convenience, Leather, and Premium level models with the A14NET 1.4 litre inline four cylinder multi port fuel injected (MFI) VVT turbo gasoline engine rated at 138 hp @ 4900 rpm coupled to a six speed automatic transmission. For 2016 a new Sport Touring second tier model was added which included unique 18" aluminium alloy wheels with midnight silver finish, rear spoiler, body color door handles, remote start, fog lamps, and a new more powerful GM B14XFT Ecotec inline four cylinder direct fuel injection (DI) VVT engine rated at 153 hp @ 5600 rpm in the Buick Encore literature. However, Opel rates the engine at 112 kW (150 hp) @ 4900-6000 rpm.

The Ecotec direct injection engine package includes Stop/Start technology to improve fuel economy and was made available as an option on all but the base model for 2017 and 2018.[17] In 2017 the model levels became Base, Preferred, Sport Touring, Preferred II, Essence, and Premium.

For 2017, the Buick Encore received revised headlights and bumpers, LED tail lights, and the interior received a revised dash and gauge cluster with a 4.2 inch information screen, a revised center stack, and infotainment system with an 8 inch frameless screen. The faux fender ports, marketed as VentiPorts on 2013-2016 models, were deleted.[18][19]

  • Before and after facelift
  • 2013 Buick Encore (U.S.)
  • 2017 Buick Encore (China)

2013 through 2018 owner's manuals for the Buick Encore state that the vehicle is not designed for trailer towing.[20] However, the 2013 through 2018 owner's manuals for the Opel counterpart of the Buick Encore, the Opel Mokka, do provide information for trailer towing.[21] And, the 2018 Opel Mokka X brochure includes a data table indicating allowable trailer weights for Mokka X vehicles having various FWD and AWD powertrain configurations including the 1.4 litre engines coupled with automatic transmission.[22] An aftermarket class II 1-1/4" receiver style hitch rated for 3500 lbs. maximum gross trailer weight is available for the Buick Encore.

The Buick Encore is assembled at the GM Korea plant in Bupyeong, South Korea and marketed in North America. The Chinese-market Buick Encore is assembled in Shanghai. The "Encore" name was previously used by AMC/Renault on its 1984-86 subcompact hatchback.


Small overlap frontal offset impact - driver side Good
Small overlap frontal offset impact - passenger side Acceptable
Moderate overlap frontal offset impact Good
Side impact Good
Roof strength Good
Head restraints & seats (power leather seats) Good
Headlights Poor

Sales in the U.S.

Calendar year Sales
2013 31,956[24]
2014 48,892[25]
2015 67,549[26]
2016 78,565[27]
2017 88,035[28]

Mokka by Bitter

Bitter has been producing a luxury version of the Mokka since 2016. Facelifted in late 2016 along with the Vauxhall and Opel models, the name was also changed to Mokka X.[29] The differences between the Bitter and Opel versions are mainly cosmetic.[30]


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